Michelle Louise is the Founder of Nuts Not Nuts. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. You will always find Michelle looking for the latest peanut flavors to try and searching out the best peanut sauce when she travels and eats Thai Food.

For 20 years, Michelle has worked in the high-tech industry which has sent her around the world for work. Seeing the historic sites and finding the way other cultures prepare and eat peanuts is exciting and tasty experience.

Michelle’s grandparents had a never ending supply of dry roasted and salted peanuts. Her and her father ate chocolate covered peanuts regularly when they went to the movies, as there was a candy store right next to the theater. When they travelled to their cabin growing up her mother would always purchase butter toffee peanuts for a treat.

Michelle’s family was constantly road tripping when she was young and car rides included GORP (Good ‘ol Raisins and Peanuts) every trip.

We are nuts for peanuts and we are sure you are too!